Marshmello is cooking up some treats and disses Deadmau5 [VIDEO]

Marshmello and deadmau5

As you may already know, Marshmello and Deadmau5 continually beef and fire shots at each other. The Canadian progressive house producer is not a fan of the Mello masked man and he’s let people know. 

About a year ago the “mysterious” masked man Marshmello, released a massively successful video for his track ‘Alone’ which featured him feeding a pet mouse named Joel.

Marshmello doubled down on his beef during the first-ever installment of “Cooking with Marshmello”, which offers viewers a tutorial for making chocolate mice creatures so cute that you’ll want to eat them all up.

At the end of the video, a voice over instructs the DJ to handle his mouse delicately.

“You know how mad these mice can get,” the voice says, then Marshmello slams the mouse against the cabinet.

Check out the video below.