The vocalist from The Dixie Chicks accidentally got a Bassnectar tattoo

bassnectar tattoo
img via Rukes

About a few weeks ago Dixie Chicks vocalist Natalie Maines posted on her Instagram that she was looking to get some new ink on her big toe, to cover the faded musical note that was now barely visible her skin.

After commissioning the talent of Portland tattoo artist Kristen Holiday, Maines decided to get a tattoo of a greek symbol for “inner strength”, and after what must have been some hefty Pinterest research, she wound up getting the famous bassdrop symbol tattooed on herself.

While the result isn’t bad, Bassnectar fans were quick to point out the symbols relation to famous producer, and even welcomed her to the fanbase in the comments following her post of the completed tattoo.

Lorin himself has offered his own explanation regarding the bass drop on his website in a old blog post, stating:

“The whole concept of the bassnectar logo/icon symbol is kind of a play on duality, in reference to the balance of positive/negative forces in the universe, and the relative aspects of these forces (meaning there is not absolute ‘right’ or ‘wrong’…only subjective perspective)

Even though there is no Absolute right & wrong, and even though even the SUBJECTIVELY wrong will never be eliminated, nor shall “goodness prevail” …at least not absolutely…. EVEN THOUGH that is true…. I still think that following your natural reflex to help is good because it SUSTAINS the balance.”

So what do you think? Does the bass drop symbol really mean inner strength as Natalie believed, or so you think it’s subjective, as Lorin said?