Man high on ‘Molly’ steals swan boat, strands himself at Lake Eola

Photo by Rob Bartlett

The Orlando city police department have reported that a man was rescued from Lake Eola after managing to steal a swan boat from a nearby rental company.

The man, now identified as 36 year old Kyle Thurston, was found screaming for help by officers at about 4 AM on December 15th after he accidentally stranded himself at the lake’s fountain.

He later told police that before the incident he had taken a large quantity of ‘Molly’ and wished to be with the swans because “they don’t judge him.” He then stated he took the swan boat out onto the lake to be with the swans, and paddled it to the fountain.

After doing so however, Thurston forgot to anchor the boat and realized too late after it had drifted away. Firefighters on scene were able to successfully rescue him, and he was then transported to hospital for an evaluation.

It is unclear if the rental company who provides the swan boats will be pressing charges.

Angel Park
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