Police are Going to be Doing Breathalyzer tests at this NYE Festival

nye festival
Rhythm and Vines

The New Year is almost upon us and many people gearing up to head out and rage away 2017 and come into 2018 raging. This year though you might want to take some extra precautions when celebrating.

The police have announced that they will be doing breathalyzer tests on every driver leaving ‘Rhythm and Vines’ this NYE to ensure that everyone has a safe start to 2018.

“We want everyone to enjoy their time at the festival but we urge party goers to look out for themselves and their mates,” Senior Sergeant Ross Smith said.

“Police want people to enjoy themselves and to remember their celebrations for the right reasons. Drink in moderation and make smart decisions about how you’re going to get to and from venues” he added.

According to a report, a “very large liquor ban” will also be enforced around the Rhythm and Vines event site this year. Anyone in violation will be fined $250.

Despite what some people may think this is actually a great thing that they are doing as it will not only deter people from drinking and driving, but it will also stop those who are intoxicated and think they are fit to drive.

If you are going to be drinking and not driving make sure you before you start drinking and to drink lots of water throughout the night. Remember that it’s going to be a long night of dancing and other shenanigans so make sure you are properly hydrated!