Coachella Says No to Marijuana Despite California Legislation

coachella marijuana
photo via TMZ

As many of you may know, marijuana was recently just legalized for recreational use in the state of California but you might want to hold on before you light up at your next festival.

Just like many events in Colorado, Coachella music and arts festival has decided to keep their rules against marijuana use on festival grounds.

I know you might want to toke up in your Native American headdress and jam out to Odesza or Maceo Plex. The official rule is that while it may be legal statewide, Coachella festival grounds are on private property which gives them the right to make the rules.

It is also worth noting that while most cities and counties in California are 420 friendly, Indio, CA is also not allowing selling, cultivating, or distributing weed or smoking it freely.