Insomniac releases the EDC Las Vegas 2018 Camping Map and Details

edc las vegas 2018 camping
EDC Las Vegas Kinetic Gaia, img via aLIVE coverage

Last year Excision’s Lost Lands festival was known for having one of the best camping experiences around, and before that Electric Forest was a game changer. Well, Insomniac team decided to mic drop the competition by releasing the map for EDC Las Vegas 2018 Camp Grounds.

My first initial thoughts were that Electric Daisy Carnival was going to be a Fyrefest-esque camping situation with the heat bearing down on the black-top but now I am sold that this will be an experience to remember.

The fun starts at ‘The Mesa‘, the bustling hub of entertainment, activities, and amenities that campers can enjoy and take part in all weekend long. Here, you’ll find all sorts of ridiculousness and good times, including daytime pool parties, team games, a roller rink, and go-kart racing.

Within the Mesa lives ‘Three Mountains‘, composed of three larger-than-life shade structures that will each host a unique set of experiences. If you’re looking to relax your mind, body and soul, then you can head to ‘Sol’, where you can find various activities like yoga, sound healing, and rave aerobics, while also taking part in some serious arts & crafts.

Continue the health and wellness tip over at ‘Cascada‘, home to their transformational activities and wellness workshops, as well as the main location for their handpicked guest speaker series. ‘Terra‘ is where you can indulge in their beauty stations, glam labs, the Camp EDC barbershop, massages with essential oils, and a few more awesome surprises.

EDC Las Vegas 2018 Camping
EDC Las Vegas 2018 Camp Map

You’ll also find all the essential amenities on the Camp EDC Camping Map, including showers, restrooms and medical tents, as well as the location of your home campsite, color-coded per your section.

I mean really they have all of their bases covered when it comes to offering a luxury camping experience. If you haven’t bought a camping spot I suggest you do now before they are all gone!