DJ roasts this actor for interrupting her Holy Ship performance!

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Cutting off a DJ while they are performing is considered a huge no-no, especially if they’re right in the middle of their set at a major festival such as Holy Ship!.

Apparently, actor James Earl, didn’t quite get the memo about this rule. According to earlier reports, this incident occurred while Earl was attending a hip-hop themed party during the last day of the Holy Ship! festival. He decided that DJ Madam X, who arrived on stage between fellow artists 4B and GLADPVCK, just simply wasn’t playing the right music for the job.

“What is this shit? What’s happened to my hip hop room? Where’s my trap at?” He reportedly asked into the microphone before being promptly booed off the stage.

Madam X was quick to fire back about the incident on her Twitter account, saying:

“I am not responsible for the incongruent programming. Although I was placed on the ‘HipHop stage’, I will ALWAYS do me and play my shit. Never in my nine years of DJing have I experienced such tacky behavior. Only want positive vibes when I play. Love to the crowd for booing him off.”

She then adds, “Hope you crawl back into the ignorant hole you came out of. Meanwhile I will continue my USA TOUR to New York, Dallas & El Paso. Peace.”

Earl was not billed to be a performer for Holy Ship! nor was he in any way hosting the hip-hop party the two were attending. He later addressed the incident in a tweeted response that read:

@DJmadamX much love to you. I apologize if I offended you in anyway. The rant wasn’t about you specifically It was about the Stage. Our job as DJs is to do our homework! There was no reason for you to have to play to an empty room when it was full like this.”

He then attached a short video clip showing the Holy Ship crowd at an earlier performance.

Check out the full twitter posts below:

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