16 Arrested Trying To Board Holy Ship! 12.0

holy ship
Photo by rukes.com

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office recently released records showing 16 individuals arrested trying to board Holy Ship! 12.0

The offenses of these individuals range from possession of controlled substances, intent to sell, and resisting an officer. Last year between both sails, over 40 attendees were arrested including DJ Gina Turner.

What attributed to the arrests was a joint effort between Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, drug-sniffing dogs, and US Customs & Border Patrol.

This is the anti-narcotics policy listed on the Holy Ship! website:

“You will be embarking Holy Ship! in Port Canaveral and passing through security run by Customs and Border Protection, a division of Homeland Security.”

“Your person and your luggage can and will be searched. Forget about your right to privacy, you are passing through a port where all local and federal laws apply and are strictly enforced.”

“Every person and each piece of luggage will be inspected by dogs trained to detect explosives and contraband. Anyone found to be violating the law and/or in possession of illegal substances…will be arrested and banned from all future events.”