Yves V & Florian Picasso unite for the feel-good vibe of ‘Here With You’

yves v

After an absolutely incredible 2017, Yves V gets his year off to a wild start by landing on KSHMR’s Dharma label with an amazing collaboration with Florian Picasso on ‘Here With You’.

Melancholy violins glide across the track as muted piano chords breathes it into life. Delicate male and female vocals trade blows, hyped up through stereo delays, bitcrushing and glitch effects, and out of nowhere comes a sudden build thrusting us into the meat of the track.

The meat in question takes the form of fist-pumping, feel-good fizzing synth chords, energetic beats and thick slabs of melodic bass and makes for a grin-inducing mood. Plucked arpeggios greet us in the break with rising on-beat bass tones building up the energy. The glorious vocal effects sound even more mesmerizing as the kick drops back in, leading us into a bruising snare build. The winding bass of the outro will leave you begging for more and hitting that repeat button.

With super-cool computer game / comic influenced artwork, this one is the whole package. It’s been going off in both Yves & Florian’s sets in a big way and looks set to become a staple of stereos and dancefloors the world over.

Listen to the track here.