These Superstar DJs are exposed by NY Times for buying Fake Followers!!!

dj snake cancels
photo by Tim Mosenfelder

With the way social media has blown up in today’s world, this recent story almost and comes at no surprise. Reports have surfaced that some of our favorite big name DJ’s are actually buying ‘fake followers’ to boost their social media platforms.

It’s being called the new phenomenon and looks like it’s happening a lot more than we thought. It gets worse. Not only are fake followers being bought but apparently almost 15% of all Twitter accounts are fake as well. The NY Times has released an expose that is claiming that as many as 48 million twitter accounts are fake…

In this expose, the first artist exposed is the ultra famous french DJ we know today as DJ Snake. Since it’s release, DJ Snake‘s team told the Times that the followers were “purchased by his previous manager.”

The second DJ exposed by The Times was 3LAU. They’ve since wrote that, “Mr. 3LAU said a former member of his management team bought them without his approval.”

These are just the first celebrities that have been exposed. The NY Times has said their main focus was on a company called ‘Devumi‘ which just so happened to have DJ Snake and 3LAU as clients. Devumi also has over 3.5 million automated accounts and over 200,000 customers to please.

The ability to buy fake followers and have fake accounts is definitely a big problem. Not knowing whether someone is real or fake can be dangerous and just weird. Props to the NY Times for putting this information out there and hopefully it deters other celebrities from doing it in the wake of being exposed and embarrassed.