WARNING issued over potentially deadly ‘Serial Killer’ Ecstasy tablets

ecstasy pills
DHA Photo

New information has surfaced around the sale of ecstasy pills in Sheffield, suggesting that some ecstasy pills currently in circulation may contain other substances and lead to overdose or death as a result.

They warned the pills called ‘Serial Killer‘ could cause a range of serious health problems – including heart palpitations and frothing at the mouth – before death. There is currently no specific knowledge as to what these ecstasy pills look like, meaning that there is a heightened risk of any ecstasy pill sold in Sheffield being fatal.

Ravers and clubbers are now being urged to steer clear of the drug in an appeal posed onto the Sheffield Recovery Community Facebook page.

The post said: “The Drug and Alcohol/Domestic Abuse Coordination Team and Sheffield Treatment and Recovery Team have received information which suggests that ecstasy tablets may be being sold in Sheffield which contains other substances which could cause stimulant overdose and potentially be fatal. “These tablets can also go by the name of ‘Serial Killer’.

“If you think you or anyone else has become ill as a result of drug use call 999 immediately and stay with the person until the ambulance arrives.”

Sheffield Students’ Union tweeted: “We have zero tolerance to drugs but are also committed to drug harm reduction. Please read the alert from Sheffield DACT if you or friends may be affected.”