DJ Carnage and Steve Aoki drop crazy new single, “PLUR Genocide!”

carnage getting rejected
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On first glance, I wasn’t sure what to expect from “PLUR Genocide.” Given DJ Carnage’s recent twitter statements in regards to the PLUR movement not too long ago, I pressed play on this one expecting the song the to be some variation of an overhyped, angry dubstep track. Instead, what Aoki and Carnage managed to unleash was something else altogether.

PLUR Genocide” offers a thrilling techno beat that packs a punch without relying on crazy drops or builds to make an impact. It’s like hardstyle toned down a notch, and the addition of pitched down vocals add a nice finish to the whole production.

The track is also a part of Carnage’s forthcoming LP, Battered, Bloody & Bruised, which is set for release everywhere on March 2nd. You can pre-save the LP courtesy of Spotify here.

The single also has a music video out featuring tattooed and battling babies (seriously.) Check it out below!