Four Reasons you can’t miss Excision’s Paradox Tour!

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Legendary dubstep producer Jeff Abel, better known as Excision, has been all the rage as of late thanks to his wildly successful Lost Lands Festival that was held this past September.

The three-day event brought in a record number of headbangers from the midwest and beyond, and was an epic celebration of the bass scene we know it today. Now, Jeff and his team are back on the road again for their 3rd annual North American Paradox tour, and in case you’re still on the fence about seeing him, here are a few reasons why we think you won’t wanna miss out!

1.) The Sound

It’s not an Excision show without that signature, face-melting bass, and this year’s tour plans on delivering it tenfold. The Paradox will unleash a whopping 150,000 watts of PK Sound at every city and provide some of the most powerful dubstep ever heard. It’s definitely something that’s worth experiencing live in person, just be sure to take precautions with some ear-plugs!

2.) The Visuals

Along with their incredible sound setup, Jeff and his team don’t disappoint when it comes to their visuals either. The Paradox has brought some of the most stunning and complex animations the EDM scene has witnessed to date, garnering praise from both new and old fans alike. Get a glance of it yourself below!

3.) The Line-up

The Paradox tour isn’t one to skimp out on the openers. Tagging along for the ride include free-flowing, experiential producer Liquid Stranger, the vibrant yet vicious Dion Timmer, and the riddim master himself, Monxx. So whether you’re looking for some low-key vibes to start your night or if you’re into something a little wonkier, this tour has got everything covered.

4.) The Fans

Over the past few years, Excision has managed to gather a massive fan following. Guys and gals from all over are loyally “throwing their X up” in support of Jeff’s music. Whether it’s headbanging on the rail or dancing the night away in the back, this community knows how to come together and rage like nothing else, and it’s an amazing sight to witness.

(Photo: Ravers Choice)

For more info about the Paradox Tour, check out the official website HERE!