Rising DJ forced to change his name thanks to Disney!

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When it comes to trademarks, I’m all for having the right to claim what is yours. However, this recent incident that took place just might be a tad ridiculous in that respect.

DJ and producer Pluko, formerly known as ‘Pluto’, was forced to update his name to “Pluko” thanks to an ongoing dispute with the multi-nation media company, Disney. The artist is currently on tour with electronic duo ODESZA, and released the following statement via his Facebook page along with an updated tour flyer:

” ..you might notice my name is a bit different on that flyer. i guess there’s this dog at Disney that didn’t like me using his name, so out of respect for the little guy, i’m officially changing my name to pluko.”

Lesson learned: never name yourself after any Disney characters.

Read the full post below:

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