Sexual Assault Allegations has Space Jesus Pulling Out of Ninja Nation Tour

space jesus
photo by Ashlyn Jackson

After several reports of sexual assault against DJ and producer, Datsik, the fellow artist, Space Jesus, has just removed himself from Datsik’s ongoing “Ninja Nation” Tour.

Despite the rumors regarding Space Jesus’ involvement in the allegations, he made a statement yesterday stating that he does not stand for sexual abuse in any way and will in result, not be participating in the tour.

“In light of the allegations going around today against Datsik, I have decided that effective immediately, I am pulling off the Ninja Nation tour indefinitely until my team and I can get to the bottom of this issue and investigate allegations surrounding the tour,” Space Jesus said. “I DO NOT support sexual abuse in any way, and until I find out more about this, I am not going to play.”

Regarding Datsik’s response to the accusations, he implied the Ninja Nation tour would continue as planned. However, as his show in Des Moines, Iowa last night was already canceled, this seems rather uncertain.

While we are unsure if Space Jesus‘ involvement in the assault is legitimate, we do know that he handled the situation in a much more transparent way than Datsik.

Read below for Space Jesus’ full statement.