Starkillers under attack for using Avicii’s death as promo!


Avicii’s death hit us all hard, and while most of us wished the magic wasn’t over, Starkillers released a bunch of Avicii produced tracks to ease the pain. The album has a lot of beautiful tracks and while it may be a great memorial to the legend, it also came with some controversy.

In a Twitter conversation with DJ and producer, Tegi we learned that Starkillers only released the album because it was an unreleased collection that was shut down by Avicii’s management.

As much as we would have loved to believe it was all about the music, Starkillers admits that Avicii’s death opened up loopholes in the contract. Without Avicii’s death we may have never heard this music, but unfortunately Starkillers’ intentions were not as honorable as they seemed.

Check out the tweets below!

Malik Shelp
I've been in the scene for about 5 years now, attending most of my festivals in Arizona. I go to the University of Arizona and i spend most of my time taking pictures and listening to good music!


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