More Than 60 Music Festivals Ban Plastic Glitter!


Glitter has always been a trending fashion accessory at music festivals, however, it’s not a great accessory for the environment. After recent UK laws were passed, 60+ music festivals have vowed to ban glitter from their events.

The UK’s 35 Year Environmental Plan has banned all plastic straws, q-tips, and other single-use plastics from the country in hopes to clean up England’s rivers, beaches, and oceans. While this is a huge step towards the country’s goal of eliminating avoidable plastic waste, glitter lovers are in a bit of shock.

Considering the substance doesn’t break down, it can end up being ingested by wildlife or livestock. And even if you think showering it off is a safe alternative, it can actually be worse for the environment. Straight from your drains into rivers and oceans, marine life is especially affected by glitter.

Over 60 independent music festivals across the United Kingdom have already signed the #DrasticOnPlastic pledge, which requires events to be free of single-use plastics, such as glitter, by 2021.

However, before you panic about your glitter-free festival outfit, know that there’s a new biodegradable glitter that’s just as affordable and looks just as good. So good, it might be hard for festivals to tell the difference, so make sure your packaging lists the ingredients.

So far, no other countries have considered an environmental plan quite like this. Although, with more and more reports of environmental damage, I wouldn’t be surprised if other countries follow.

Check out the list below of all the “glitter-free” music festivals across the UK


Ampthill Festival


Barn on the Farm

Beat-Herder Festival

Belladrum Tartan Heart


Bloodstock Open Air

Bluedot Festival


Boomtown Fair

Burning Lantern Festival

Camp Bestival

Chase Park Festival

Common People

Deer Shed Festival

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru

El Dorado

Elderflower Fields

Electric Fields

End Of The Road Festival

Fairport’s Cropredy Convention

Festival No.6

Festival of Voice

Field Day

Fire in the Mountain – Tan yn y Mynydd

Garage Nation Outdoor Festival

Green Gathering

Greenbelt Festival

Handmade Festival

Hanwell Hootie Music Festival

Hebridean Celtic Festival

Just So Festival

Kendal Calling

Kew The Music

Larmer Tree Festival

London Remixed Festival

Long Division

Lost Village


Meltdown Festival

Mint Street Music Festival

Nozstock The Hidden Valley

Oxjam Music Festival

Oxted Beer and Music Festival

Pangaea Festival

Pete the Monkey Festival

Rewind Festival

Shambala Festival

Standon Calling

Starry Skies

Strawberries & Creem Festival


SWN Festival

The Secret Garden Party

The Vicar’s Picnic


Truck Festival

Twisterella Festival

Underneath the Stars festival

Victorious Festival

Village Green

Y-Not Festival