Gabe & Rocksted dropped brand new EP ‘Expressions’


Brazil’s leading club and most influential label Warung is back with another of its agenda setting EPs. This one comes from Gabe & Rocksted and features remixes from Sabb, Andreas Henneberg and BONDI On The Run.

Gabe & Rocksted have worked together for a while, with plenty of great hits to their name on labels like Sublime Music, amongst others.

Expressions is the original tune and is a deep, moody house track with broad synths adding flesh to the grooves bones. A great chord sequence dances up the scale and gets hands in the air and makes sure this one makes a big impact.

Tech titan Sabb remixes it into an even more cosmic, melodic track with layers of keys and synths that send shivers up your spine, and Andreas Henneberg then gets more edgy with his tight, taught synths and percussive groove. Last of all, BONDI On The Run zones you out with pensive chords and some great vocals layered in for extra special effect.

Listen to the tracks here.