Purple Haze’s ‘Fall In’ gets three hot new mixes!

purple haze

The gorgeous, dreamy indie dance of ‘Fall In’ was one of the standout cuts on Sander Van Doorn‘s debut album as Purple Haze, SPECTRVM. Featuring the beautiful vocals of James New, it screamed ‘remix potential’, with its glistening melodies crying out for some dancefloor mixes. Now almost exactly a year to the day since the release of the record comes three superb new versions to celebrate its anniversary.

Zonderling strips out the vocal and takes just the essence of the original for his rugged workout, blending cool electro house flavour with dashes of trance energy in perfect harmony. The mutating, guttural lead riff provides a stark contrast to the pulsing, hazy chords in the break, with the euphoric feelings therein cutting sharply against the darkly-tinged main sections.

LVNDSCAPE leads with the pretty vocals, unhurriedly building a delicate progressive house version. Gradually a powerful sense of euphoria is unleashed with gorgeous melodies gliding over slick tech-tinged beats and plucked chords. It’s understated and sophisticated and makes brilliant use of James New’s excellent performance.

A bonus extended mix of the original is included for those who just can’t get enough of it, giving just a little more time to enjoy the beauty of this mesmerising track.

Listen to the mixes here.