EDM Attendees top the Charts for Drug Use [Full List]

While going to electronic dance music events and festivals with a clear mind is a truly beautiful experience, according to a recent study by drugabuse.com, it seems as if many of the people attending them are not aware of this. The recent study indicates that the majority of people that attend EDM events like to partake in the activities with an altered state of mind.

It has been reported that 67.5 percent of the EDM related participants admitted to using various chemicals for different reasons. Some were using substances to maintain high energy levels to keep up with the pace of the events, others were using drugs to connect with something larger than themselves; a oneness so-to-speak.

It seems as if the drugs that they are using are allowing them to tap into a universal frequency and to get on the same level as everyone else at the events, and perhaps beyond. Astronomical numbers of personal and public testimony from the millions of people that attend EDM events on a worldwide scale define logic and state that they all feel as one with the happening. That the experience is somewhat unexplainable in the sense that attendees feel a unified connection to the artists, music, and other humans involved; a universal frequency.

The study reveals that it is not strictly EDM experiences where people are using drugs; other music culture representatives are also using chemicals to enhance their venture at live events. It is just that dance music etches out the rest. Two-thirds of the majority of participants of the study admitted to taking psychedelic, and conscious expanding chemicals like LSD, Ketamine, MDMA, and Psilocybin; amongst other psychoactive chemicals like Cocaine, Marijuana, and Opioids (except for Benzodiazepines); with MDMA being the most popular.

Heavy Metal events statistically ranked as a close second in terms of psychoactive chemical usage, however, the reasons for participants using the substances were miles apart. The heavy metal crowd numbers indicated that forty-one percent of them were using chemicals to curve social anxiety, as opposed to the connectivity and energy purposes as the dance music crowds.

Perhaps the people involved with the dance music community are all completely out of their minds and need to seek therapy, or could it be that they know something that the masses are unaware of and are on the brink of changing humanity? The answer stands somewhere between the lines. Either way; it does not always take chemicals to connect. Sometimes just going to dance can guide the way.