6 drug overdoses, 17-yr old boy caught with 600 pills at this music festival

green heineken ecstasy pills
(Image: Alamy)

A 17 year old boy from Castle Hill was found with almost 600 pills and $2000 cash at a Sydney music festival where several people left critically ill due to drug use.

He has been charged with supply prohibited drug, deal with property proceeds of crime, and possessing a prohibited drug and will appear at a children’s court on 20 February.

Police accused six other people of drug supply at the event. 25 year-old man, was allegedly found with 100 MDMA pills and a knife while a South Australian woman allegedly had 48 ecstasy tablets on her.

A further 16 people are due to face court for drug possession while 30 people were ejected for intoxication.

Six young men aged under 25 left the Hardcore Till I Die electronic dance music festival at Homebush on Saturday in critical or serious conditions. 

However, some festival-goers attempting to get into the festival have lashed out at police tactics — saying they have been wrongly strip searched and then had their tickets declared void.

“How degrading is it to be made to strip naked, squat and cough whilst having two police officers stare you down, judging you and, in the end, after having nothing on you, get refused entry and have you ticket confiscated and ripped up in front of you while you’re watching them refund other people’s tickets,” one disgruntled commenter wrote on Facebook, who attempted to get into the Homebush event.

“I don’t know what kind of bulls**t this is, but I am appalled and have never felt more embarrassed. Thank you for absolutely nothing, having me waste my money and ruin my day.”