Man filmed dying girlfriend at festival after taking 2C-P instead of helping her

Photograph: Zoe Barling/PA

Famous Holby City actor John Michie recently lost his daughter due to the party drug called 2C-P.

Louella Fletcher-Michie, the young female victim was attending Bestival festival in Dorset when the incident occurred. According to reports, her boyfriend Ceon Broughton had given her 2C-P which lead to an immediate negative reaction.

Within an hour, Louella begin to overdose on the drug and was dead an hour before her 25th birthday. Although the reports are all alleged, the case against him isn’t looking good.

After a phone call her parents rushed to the scene. They described hearing their daughter “screeching” on the phone. They were repeatedly messaging and calling Mr Broughton, the prosecutor told the jury. Sam, her brother, also contacted her boyfriend and urged him to seek medical help.

However, Mr Broughton replied, saying “call back in an hour” and referred to Louella as a “drama queen”, jurors heard. He failed to seek help because he feared breaching a suspended jail sentence, jurors heard. Since the incident, her boyfriend has denied manslaughter and also denies supplying Fletcher-Michie with the drug.

William Mousley QC, prosecuting at Winchester Crown Court, said the defendant had given his girlfriend the Class A drug 2CP while they attended the music festival in the grounds of Lulworth Castle.

“He did not intend to cause her harm and Louella willingly took that which she was given, but it had a terrible effect,” he said.

Ms Fletcher-Michie died after a “significant period of suffering”, Mousley said, and Mr Broughton had continued filming “when she was disturbed, agitated, and then seriously ill” over several hours.

“He even did so, the prosecution suggest, after she was apparently dead” he added.

In video clips shown to the court, Ms Fletcher-Michie repeatedly shouts at Mr Broughton to telephone her mother but he tells her to “put your phone away”.

A postmortem examination found “2C-P toxicity” and traces of ketamine and MDMA, the court heard.

Stephen Kamlish QC, defending, denied claims Mr Broughton acted out of selfishness, saying he tried to carry his “loving girlfriend” out of the woods but failed because the terrain was hilly and full of thorns and nettles.

He told jurors Ms Fletcher-Mitchie bought the drugs before Mr Broughton arrived at the festival and they could only find him guilty of gross negligence manslaughter if he had given her the drugs and she had been at an “obvious risk of dying”.

Mr Kamlish said no-one had ever been known to have died from taking 2CP. He also added: “Ceon and Louella were in love with each other and willingly chose to take drugs together. Mistakes, even serious mistakes… are nowhere near enough for a crime such as this to be guilty.”

The trial continues.