20 yr-old girl caught with 114 MDMA capsules in her underwear at music festival

photo by DailyTelegraph

It seems as if at many electronic dance music events around the globe, that security is mostly lenient regarding illegal contraband that gets discovered at events. On one hand, If security finds an illegal substance on an attendee, they typically either confiscate it, or they turn their heads and look the other way as long as whatever was found was blatantly being used for personal use; even by actual police with drug dogs. On the other hand, if an attendee is found to be in possession of amounts that are obviously for sale and distribution, then that is when people get arrested and the course of their lives potentially  become negativly impacted.

Case and point, a young college student that is in school for neuroscience pled guilty on Tuesday for attempting to smuggle 114 capsules of MDMA into a music festival last September. Following her failed entry into Defqon 1 Festival in Sydney, Australia, 20-year-old Tracy Nguyen was caught by authorities and drug dogs for trying to smuggle in the MDMA before getting through the front gate.

The drugs were discovered after she was acting nervous and erratic around the police, her behavior qued the authorities to become suspicious of Nguyen, and they approached her with drug dogs. Once they were in the same vicinity, the drug dogs targeted her as somebody that was in possession of drugs. She was taken to a private area and stripped searched. She was found to be in possession of the capsules that were hidden in her underwear inside of a yellow condom. Once the MDMA was discovered she was arrested and placed in police custody.

While facing the Penrith Local Court, facts were brought to light that after she was detained the police went through the young scientist’s cell phone and discovered incriminating text messages to some of her friends. To one friend, Nguyen texted:

“Gurl would you be able to get it off someone else inside. I’m alrdy bringing 12.34g. I’m scared coz its my first time for dq. But ive done a few indoors before. And everyone says dq has 30 dogs and 100 polices”.

It is reported that the contact wrote back that “There are like 2-3 dogs max. But yes there’s heaps of cops”.

Official court record according to The Daily Telegraph, stated that after she was detained she told the police that was innocent and did not do anything wrong, however, during questioning, she admitted to the police that the capsules contained the letter “M” on them (for molly), and that she found them in a park. Her guilty plea was accepted and she will be sentenced in March.

Australia is not the toughest place on the globe to get arrested for the imposed crime, earlier this month a young woman that was found guilty for her part in attempting to smuggle drugs into a different Sydney based music festival for distribution was sentenced to no jail time at all following a guilty plead, and essentially just got a slap on the wrist. Only time will tell how the local court is going to handle the conviction, but it is certain that Nguyen has learned a valuable life lesson.