Tomorrowland has dropped a new cryptic teaser and we wonder what’s the big announcement

Tomorrowland 2018 :The Story Of Planaxis"

Words cannot express the magnitude of the experience of the Belgium based music festival powerhouse Tomorrowland. Nothing on this planet can come even close to matching its sheer force. There is no competition, at all.

Recently, the music festival dynamos unleashed a preview into their “The Book of Wisdom, The Return” edition coming up this summer in July. Two separate weekend dates scheduled for 2019, and a phase one lineup drop which includes diverse stage area takeovers by the hottest acts in the electronic dance music industry, has everyone all shook up. The 15th anniversary of the event is one for the ages. It is the one.  

As if there was anything missing from the already symbiotic event, Tomorrowland decided that it was going to mess with everybody’s head and they dropped a cryptic video that teases something special. The entrancing fifteen-second clip will have viewers trying to grasp what it is that they just saw, exactly. While not trying to dissect too much, there does seem to be something there. Tomorrowland is all about opening hearts and minds, so it is a brilliant tactic to get everyone’s wheels turning.

After watching the fifteen-second clip flash numerous times, and collecting information coded within, it has been determined that Tomorrowland loves you. Just joking, it certainly does love you, which is obvious by the continuous display of fifteen years of badass music festival events, but the cryptic messages seem to hint that perhaps a Tomorrowland based One World Radio station will reach every coordinate in the world come July and that people can expect a Swedish House Mafia stage area takeover.

Expect nothing but singular flare from the sole music festival that has a global impact. The experience is unexplainable. We should all feel grateful that they are helping us all seek the depths of our minds to try to crack the code, that is a form of love that is lurking in the distance.

The One World Radio hint was pretty blatant, however, the Swedish House Mafia hypothesis was a little more thought-provoking. The subtle logo of Tomorrowland can be seen three times in a 3×3 format, with a second image showing the words “tune in soon”, which also is written three times, in the Swedish House Mafia’s typography. Furthermore, the past year SHM has been sending out cryptic messages using their 3x trademark, so it seems to make sense.

Either way, this event should be on the bucket list of all dancing machines from around the globe. Over 400,000 people attend the festival each year, and it sold out in less than an hour, which is unfathomable. There is a reason for the hype. We hope to see you there Tomorrowland. 

Check out their official teaser below!