Arty is suing Marshmello for allegedly stealing elements from his song

A copyright infringement lawsuit has been imposed on Marshmello and Bastille regarding their hit song “Happier” that was released in August of 2018. The double-platinum track reached the Number Two slot on the UK Singles chart and Billboard Hot 100, which marked a career best for both artists.

The lawsuit comes from the Russian DJ and Producer Arty who is claiming that the track line is the same exact line as his remix of OneRepublic’s “I Lived” that he released back in 2014.

It is not typical for remixes to typically get targeted in copyright lawsuits, however, this circumstance does, and it names several defendants in the process. In addition to the co-writers of the song Daniel Campbell Smith and Marshmello, Steve Mac has also been listed as a defendant as well as Kobalt Records.

Beyond seeking actual damages, Arty is also seeking “actual damages to the defendant’s profits both domestically and relating to foreign sales of either exploitation of “Happier”, that were manufactured, distributed, or otherwise infringed domestically”.

The amount has not yet been determined, yet due to its tremendous success will certainly be a significant financially speaking. If the lawsuit is won by Arty it would also grant royalties from any future version of the song ever transpired.

At this time there has not been a response from the defendants regarding the federal lawsuit, but this will certainly be in the headlines as it unfolds. Listen to the side by side version of the two tracks in the video below to see if there is a resemblance, and stay tuned for more information.