BREAKING: Ultra Music Festival is officially leaving Miami, teases new home

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img via aLIVEcoverage

Staggering news about Ultra Music Festival leaving Miami came today from the festival giant. Ultra Music Festival has been rocking the Miami area since 1999, and they helped pave the way for the dance music festival scene in America. To coincide with the festival, they brought with it Miami Music Week which turned Miami into a giant week-long rave and made it a premier destination for dancing machines from around the globe.

In a heartfelt public letter, Ultra has announced that it has voluntarily terminated its Miami license and thanked them for being a part of their story for two decades. The letter states that they are in the process of securing a “breathtaking” new permanent home in South Florida, however, the location still remains unknown to the public.

Following the 2019 event at Virginia Key, Ultra experienced a few setbacks. While the event itself was amazing, issues regarding the surrounding area raised questions about the new location. Where they wanted to try again in 2020, local government officials were not sure that it was a good idea. After careful consideration, apparently, they decided that it was time to find a new home.

Ultra is a world-class operation, and it is certain that the decision to move away from Miami was difficult, however, there is always something special in new beginnings. While they sort out the logistics securing their new permanent home, everybody else should just know that something epic is in store for the future of Ultra. Read the powerful, beautifully written letter from Ultra Music Festival below.