Sam Feldt finalizes landmark 5-track EP ‘Magnets’

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Sam Feldt

After creating dozens of tracks of pure dancefloor gold, scoring numerous crossover hits and playing the world’s biggest events, Sam Feldt now announces his most ambitious project to date.

‘Magnets’ is a glorious 5-track EP that marks the high point of his creative efforts so far. Gorgeous recent singles ‘One Day’ ,’Magnets’ and ‘Hide & Seek’ were already released, and the remaining two tracks, ‘Lose My Colours’ and ‘Post Malone’, that will be released today will complete the EP.

“The EP will get the name ‘Magnets’ because all of the songs are about attraction in love and the magnetic field” says Sam Feldt. “The lyrics of each song form a story across the EP. The story starts with a person who thinks that the love is mutual (‘Magnets’ & ‘Hide & Seek’) but the person starts to realizing that he/she will end alone (‘Lose My Colours’ & ‘One Day’) and finally ends with the story of the biggest love in life: the love for yourself and to do what you love (‘Post Malone’) because your vibe attracts your tribe” he added.

Sam Feldt Magnets

‘Magnets’ rings out with triumphant trumpets, joyous pianos and beautiful vocals from Sophie Simmons proclaiming “We’re running we’re fighting and even though we’re trying we never win. We’re magnets, pull us apart we’re coming back again.”

‘Hide & Seek’ with SRNO turns the story to a place of melancholy and sorrow, dropping the tempo and letting Joe Housley‘s sweet vocals flex over a cool future pop beat. A long lost love is back; they play hide and seek to find their way back to each other, a magnetic attraction.

‘Lose My Colours’ with Sam Martin on vocals continues the despair of the story, with the trumpets playing out a more yearning melody than before while he sings “tell me if it’s still alive”. The magnetic attraction is decreasing; one person still tries to attract the other, but it’s unclear if the other person still feels the same.

“Having worked with Sam Martin in the past on ‘Carry Me Home’ while producing my ‘Sunrise To Sunset’ album, I immediately jumped on the opportunity when I got contacted to do a song with him again.” says Sam.

“This has been a very live-oriented song from the very start and we produced the whole thing from start to finish with the live band in the studio, featuring sax and trumpets just like during my live festival performances. For me the song is about loving someone through tough times and it’s an essential part of the story we are trying to tell with the Magnets EP”

The already-released ‘One Day’ forms the next part of the story, where ROZES‘ sweet vocal delivery tells the tale of the protagonist realising that the attraction has died and that they are alone once again. ‘Post Malone’ is the triumphant finale, with RANI setting out a manifesto for independence and strength over a buoyant, bouncy summer groove.

“As the final conclusion to the Magnets EP love story, this track is all about self love and attracting good vibes and people. The characters in the story have parted ways and are once again alone in this world, free to do as they please. I’m a strong believer in the Law Of Attraction and believe that usually the things you think about most, become your reality. The perfect feel good ending for the EP, if you ask me!”

We couldn’t agree more Sam.