Man arrested after driving over girlfriend for attending EDC Las Vegas

Photo by Calder Wilson

EDC Las Vegas is one of the biggest music festivals in the world. This year the sold-out festival brought in a reported 465,000 people from over 100 different countries worldwide. It is the Mecca for the American dance music festival scene and a glorious happening. While it is on the bucket list of nearly every dancing machine in the USA, there are people out there that do not like it for whatever reason.

A prime example comes from an unfortunate occurrence between twenty-year-old Ryan Mansour and his unnamed girlfriend, who was run over by a car after she went to EDC Las Vegas against his wishes.

In a jealous rage, after seeing his beloved possession enjoying EDC without his permission, Mansour abruptly left from his job at the Red Rocks Resort movie theater to drive to his girlfriend’s house to take back all of the belongings that he had ever given her, because “She did not deserve the cards or bears that he had given her in the past”.

Once he arrived at her house a verbal argument between the two broke out and things got out of control. The two got into Mansour’s car to further discuss things, but the situation continued to escalate and the young woman stepped out of the vehicle.

According to the official police report, Mansour claims that after she stepped out of the vehicle that he lost sight of her, he backed the car up, did not see her, and drove forward until he heard her screaming to “stop, stop, stop”.

Mansour claims stated that he did not intentionally run her over with his car, but that he made a dumb mistake because he was full of rage. The incident caused the innocent victim to have multiple broken bones (leg, arm, pelvis), but she also suffered a lacerated liver, collapsed lung, and burns to her face and body from the exhaust pipes.

Once he realized that he ran her over and that she was trapped under her car, he jumped out to assist her, but by then it was too late, the damage was already done. Ryan was charged with attempted murder and placed in custody.

It is a tragic incident that should be an eye-opener for all people. Relationships do not grant ownership of either party involved. People that do not rave often misconstrue festivals as sex, drugs, and debauchery, when that is a part of it, most people are there to connect, unite, dance, and witness the magic.

The young woman claims that she does not know if he actually tried to run her over or not, but either way, prison is probably in his future. Love and light to the victim and her family, and let’s all hope for a speedy recovered for her.