S*x Island Releases its Official Itinerary for 4-Day Trip [VIDEO]

S*x Island has been dominating headlines with their activity over the last couple of years, and despite the tremendous public backlash, the parties keep popping up all over the world.

A large percentage of the global masses are totally opposed to the happenings due to the makeup of the freak fests that are fueled by drugs, alcohol, orgies, and exotic prostitutes with certified papers proving that they are STD free. Obviously, not everybody is opposed to the parties, or their success would not be so prevalent.

The first-ever United States edition of the Good Girl Company‘s infamous S*x Island is scheduled to kick off its four-day event at an undisclosed location in Nevada starting August 2nd, and the recently released itinerary boasts a handful of racy activities for the fifty men that paid the $6,000 attendance fee.

The official website claims that each man that comes to the island will have access to two women of their choice to stick with them for the duration of the weekend, but they are able to trade girls with other men on the island to keep things exciting.

Some of the activities scheduled for the desert resort party include topless tennis, naked Marco polo, topless horse riding, and a se*ual helicopter tour where the guests will get to have s*x while flying over the desert.

Other activities on the itinerary involve “one hour in heaven” where each client will get to enjoy twenty girls at the same time for an hour. Organizers of the event have stated that surprise performances from “American and British pop stars will kick off the first night, followed by “group s*x on the stage”. One lucky participant will get his entire trip refunded for winning the competition of having s*x with the most women over the four-day vacation.

To kick off the playcation, guests will be picked up from Las Vegas International Airport and taken by chauffeur to a hangar, before being flown by helicopter to a private resort in the Nevada desert. Once onsite, guests will be greeted by the women that they pre-selected, and get taken to their room. After the initial threeway is over the rest of the weekend will unfold as follows, according to a post from mirror.or.uk.


8am: Clients arrive at Las Vegas International Airport. They are taken by chauffeur to a hangar and flown by S*x Island helicopter to a private resort in the Nevada desert.

Once clients arrive, they will be greeted by the girls they have pre-selected. They are then taken to their room with the girls while eating fruits and snacks.

1pm – 3pm: Lunch is served.

3pm – 7pm: Guests can take part in various s*xual activities including strip tennis and naked Marco Polo (swimming pool tag).

7.30pm – 9pm: Dinner by our five world-class chefs.

10pm – 4am: There will be an opening night holographic concert complete with fireworks, secret performances by American and British pop stars. The first night ends with group s*x on stage.


9am – 11.30am: Breakfast is served. Relax and recouping time from last night’s activities.

2pm – 3.30pm: Lunch.

4pm – 7pm: Guests can take part in topless quad bike tours and topless horseback riding around the deserts of Nevada.

7.30pm – 9pm: Dinner.

10pm-2am: Las Vegas casino and nightlife tour.


9am – 11.30am: Breakfast.

12pm – 5am : ‘One Hour in Heaven’ – for one hour guests will have 20 girls in their room.

2pm – 3.30pm: Lunch.

4pm – 8pm: S*xual helicopter tour of Las Vegas (clients will have s*x in the back of helicopter with their two girls).

8pm – 9pm: Dinner.

12pm – 5am: ‘One Hour in Heaven’ – for one hour guests will have 20 girls in their room.


8am – 4pm: Breakfast, lunch.

Transportation back to Las Vegas International Airport.