Warning over Blue Punisher ecstasy tablets after the death of a teenager

blue punisher ecstasy pill

An MDMA warning was issued by authorities in the Shanklin area on Saturday following the death of 19-year-old Harley Girven, also known as Harley Mason.

In response to the teenager’s tragic death, police released a warning reminding the public about the dangers of taking illegal drugs. They specifically named triangular blue ecstasy tablets known as “Punisher”, which are allegedly three times the strength as regular ecstasy pills and recommended that they should be avoided or only taken in small pieces.

On Saturday, June 29th police were called to a house in Heathfield and found Harley’s lifeless body. Two other teenagers that were in the flat when the police arrived at the scene were both arrested on charges of possession of class A and B drugs with intent to distribute.

blue punisher
Blue Punisher ecstasy tablets

Neither the 16-year-old girl from East Cowes nor the 17-year-old boy from Newport was charged in connection to the murder and have both been released under investigation.

Earlier today Harley’s family released a heartfelt public tribute to him that stated:

“Our boy Harley, a fun and lovable son, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend to so many. We will remember you for your sharp sense of humor and unique take on the world, that sought to challenge you in so many ways, that others may never know.

“A courageous man with love in your heart who will always be so much to so many. Now free of your pain, run free from your pain, run free from your wheels, to your brother Mikey, who we all know will be waiting. You will forever be in our hearts.”