Reinier Zonneveld releases huge EP on Filth on Acid

Reinier Zonneveld

Techno label Filth on Acid is back with another huge EP, this time from none other than the mastermind boss of the label himself. Reinier Zonneveld has steered his Filth On Acid label and himself to the top of the techno tree with his slick releases and powerful live sets.

As the new two tracker proves: to celebrate Reinier‘s 11th DAN black belt in raving after a full week of EATING CONCRETE he opens a creative bottle from his birth year 1991, while politely nodding to the classic T99 – Anasthasia.

‘Eating Concrete’ is the hard-hitting opener with drilling and edgy drums that power along beneath sparks of synth and white noise. It is all consuming and perfect for big room raves. ‘Rave Dan‘ then has gabber influences in the kicks and the brain frying synths, chattery claps and square bass as well as the anthemic vocals. It’s one to blow the roof off, make no mistake.

This release is the kickoff of release series where Reinier Zonneveld will release new music of his own every last Friday of the month, for the rest of the year.

Melting Brains‘ – The second EP in this series – will be released on Filth on Acid on September 27.

Listen to the track below.