Lost Frequencies and Mokita team up for high-magnitude collaboration: ‘Black & Blue’

Lost Frequencies

Both Lost Frequencies and Mokita have been turning the world of electronic music on its head in the past few years, and they aren’t slowing down in the slightest. Today, the Belgian dance music phenomenon and Nashville-based, multi-instrumentalist star continued their streak in tandem.

Their high-magnitude collaboration, ‘Black & Blue‘, is not only poised to turn heads as a brilliant standalone track, but also serves as the lead single of Lost Frequencies‘ forthcoming second album: ‘Alive And Feeling Fine‘.

Adding to their respective lists of incredible collaborations, Lost Frequencies and Mokita‘s link-up is all about letting the pop vibes bloom. With super-dynamic vocals, warm vibes and sliced beats that hurry the groove, ‘Black & Blue‘ offers up a wave of cross-genre magic listeners can’t help but fall in love with.

Here’s what they had to say about their brand new collaboration:

Lost Frequencies: “When I heard Mokita’s demo of ‘Black & Blue’, I immediately fell in love with his voice and the vibe of the track. I’m so happy with the final result of this single. It’s my second single after ‘Here With You’ that doesn’t really fit the ‘House’ theme, but I think it fits my whole universe and I’m curious to hear what people think when they hear this track for the first time!”

Mokita: “I had started the idea for ‘Black & Blue’ with a guitar riff that I had been playing around with for a few days. It was this palm-muted, plucky type sound and it had just been going around in my head for a while. I laid down that idea in a basic loop track and ended up humming some melodies over top of it.

I had a writing session the next day with by buddy Stephen Puth and when he got there, I pulled up that guitar riff that had some jumbled melodies on it. He dug the ideas I started and we just ended up writing all the lyrics on our guitars outside. It happened really fast, but it was amazing how organically it all came together. It was great to see how Felix took the simple idea we made and built a vibey, melodic landscape around it. His production really gave the song the life it needed.”

Listen to the track below!