H3nry Thr!ll released his brand new single “Lean”

H3nry Thr!ll has finally released his new single “Lean”, and is currently rocking the scene in Washington D.C. What better opportunity than this to ask the man a few questions?

Thanks for joining us today, H3nry! As we move into the new season, how was your summer?

My summer was amazing. I started out by playing on two stages at the Capital Pride festival in DC. From there, it was a bunch of traveling and relaxing – went to the Galapagos Islands for the first time.

Upfront vibes across ‘Lean’! When did you first start working on the track?

I started this track in late June. It was a fairly short process for this song, everything came together really quickly and it turned out great!

Describe your signature sound to us, in one word?

Dark. I would use that word because all my music has a dark feel and vibe to it. And that is what I have been circling my brand around lately.

What’s the scene like in Washington D.C. right now?

The music scene in DC is really cool. We have a couple of big clubs around here like Echostage and The Anthem, but we also have some small clubs that are all very different from each other. It’s a really fun place to be right now.

If you could collaborate with another artist, you respect & admire, whom would they be & why?

It would definitely have to BROHUG. Their style of music is so cool and I feel I could learn a lot from them.

Would a piece of advice would you offer to other aspiring producers, currently trying to breakthrough?

Keep working on your music production and finding your sound. That is the most important part of a producer’s brand.

Moreover, lastly, what’s next for H3nry Thr!ll release wise?

We have 2 more releases planned for before the end of this year so be on the lookout for them! They are both going to be really unique.

Listen to his latest track below and enjoy!