Joris Voorn premieres stunning video for his track ‘Messiah’

Joris Voorn

Legendary Dutch DJ and producer, Joris Voorn has unveiled the stunning video for his track ‘Messiah’ which was released last month on his fourth studio album ‘\\\\’ [four].

Directed by the UKMVA Award-winning filmmaker Wouter Stoter from Amsterdam alongside esteemed Soho production house Snapper Films, the music video was filmed in London around Notting Hill‘s iconic brutalist architecture landmark Trellick Tower.

Joris explains: “I collaborated with British band HÆLOS on this single and when they sent me their vocals, it inspired me to work on the underlying music a bit more, which turned the track around quite a bit.

This track instantly evokes visual memories of London for me as its where I conceived the idea for the track four years ago and so naturally felt it should be shot there. We filmed it on a cold December morning in and around Trellick Tower”.

The track itself is built around a ’90s breakbeat and features the spine-tingling ethereal vocals of HÆLOS frontwoman Lotti Benardout, the video’s protagonist. We follow Lotti in various scenes around the West London estate and witness her attempted escape from the grips of a manipulative relationship.

Last week Joris also released his ‘Dark SciencePiano remix of Messiah, an alias he created back in 2004 for his more house driven tracks and projects. This remix of Messiah is a hands in the air moment built entirely for the dancefloor.