Skrillex faces heat for standing on DJ Equipment during his performance in China

Skrillex photo by Rukes

After a recent performance in China, DJ and producer, Skrillex posted a video to his Instagram profile that has slowly gained some negative attention. The video shows Skrillex standing on top of the CDJ equipment while playing his hit, ‘Chicken Soup’.

Some people have viewed this just as a funny way to party, and others are on the completely opposite side of things.

The video has since been retweeted on Twitter and some users immediately pointed out the fact that this isn’t the first Skrillex has done this to equipment. Another point a user made was the comparison to rockstars smashing their guitars after a performance.

What’s also funny about the whole thing is that Skrillex has a video already on his Instagram of his mixer cutting out while playing chicken soup at another performance.


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Pioneer has since responded with a tweet of themselves saying,

“Don’t try this at home, (or in the club, really)”

Leave us a comment on your thoughts on this whole thing, we’re kind of in the middle about it.