Nastia’s NECHTO Records celebrate 2nd EP with release from Voin Oruwu


Launching in the latter half of 2019 with an EP from an unknown artist, Nastia’s Ukrainian, NECHTO Records emerged from a distinctive and thriving techno scene, rooted in the purest sense of underground culture.

Setting out to curate dancefloor-focused techno that gave a particular platform to the underground rave sounds of Ukraine and the wider Eastern Bloc region, NECHTO promised raw techno energy with no compromises. Entering into the new decade, the second EP release is set to land from the mystic-futurist, producer, DJ, Voin Oruwu; the first-named artist to join the family.

Moving under a number of aliases, the Voin Oruwu guise of Dimitry Avksentiev is a multi-faceted character principled with both post-apocalyptic and euphoric rave sensibilities. Born out of the 2013-2014 Ukrainian social crisis, the sound of Voin Oruwu sought to channel the atmosphere of this period, one that, in his own words, felt markedly ‘post-apocalyptic’ and so formed the beginning of his story.

Nechto 002 Voin Oruwu

Already unraveling his story, his releases to date have followed long-play formats, with his 2018 ‘Big Space Adventures‘ album landing via Russian techno, electro outfit, Private Persons, he followed this run of form with the 2019 ‘Etudes from a Starship‘ album via leftfield Ukrainian label, Kvitnu. Joining the well-documented Kyiv-based rave crew, CXEMA, as a member, Voin Oruwu is becoming a figurehead within the Kyiv scene.

Voin Oruwu
Voin Oruwu

Debuting on NECHTO, Voin’s EP marries elements of tension with elicit dancefloor power, informed most notably by his residency as a DJ in the thick of Kyiv-based rave. The trance groove of ‘Iterance’ evokes emotions of togetherness, whilst ‘The Ticker’ combines assertive pace with lighter breakbeat patterns.

The unhinging, ‘post-apocalyptic’ roots to Voin Oruwu show through in the looping craze of ‘Circuit‘ alongside the bubbling anxiety and flitting pads of ‘Disturbing’. Directly inspired by CXEMA raves, digital bonus track ‘Sunray’ encompasses a true taste of the Kyiv gathering; the sun rises at 7 am and 2000 bodies meld together on the floor.

To celebrate the release of NECH002, NECHTO also announces their first label party to be hosted at Kyiv’s world-renowned club, Closer on tonight. Label head, Nastia invites Spanish machine wizard, Orbe to play live, along with Dutch selectors Deniro and Dimi Angelis who join for a B2B.

Listen to the tracks below.