Nico Morano unveils his brand new Ontourage Music imprint with Blackout ft. Nathan Nicholson

nico morano

Vital Belgian house artist Nico Morano launches his new label, Ontourage Music. The debut release is a terrific new track featuring Nathan Nicholson, aptly timed to have arrived for Spring.

Morano has his own sleek house sound and always blends real melody and depth. As a DJ, he is on top of the league in Belgium and plays regularly in clubs like Fuse, Ampere or Club Vaag. He has hosted his own Nico & Friends stages at Tomorrowland & Paradise City Festival and is getting internationally noticed by labels like Selador, Days Like Nights, Click Records, Récits de Mars or Sincopat.

Nico Morano Blackout

He now starts a fresh and exciting new label, named after building suspense and awareness through his Ontourage event series which has seen him perform at the most incredible landmarks around Belgium; Gaasbeek Castle, Saint Peters Abbey, Antwerp Station.

The new single, Blackout, is a vocal delight with deep, rubbery drums and icy hi-hats . The whole production slowly but surely lifts you up into a state of trance and then showers you in lush melodies. The emotive vocals will send shivers down your spine and are sure to mark the high-point in any rounded DJ set.

The start of Ontourage Music has well and truly begun!

Listen to the track below!