Burning Man Festival 2020 cancelled due to Coronavirus scare

burning man
Photo: vitoman.net

Burning Man Festival has officially cancelled it’s 2020 edition due to the Coronavirus outbreak scare that’s sweeping the nation.

The unfortunate news was just recently released and will mark the first time in 35 years that Burning Man will not take place. It’s truly impossible to try and replace a festival with a livestream, but Burning Man is doing whatever it can to give it’s fans a glimmer of hope. The festival organizers announced that it will host a virtual equivalent that will be streamed online.

Organizers had this to say about the devastating news:

“Given the painful reality of COVID-19, one of the greatest global challenges of our lifetimes, we believe this is the right thing to do.”

“Yes, we are heartbroken. We know you are too. In 2020 we need human connection and Immediacy more than ever. But public health and the well-being of our participants, staff, and neighbors in Nevada are our highest priorities.”

“We are, however, going to build Black Rock City in The Multiverse. That’s the theme for 2020 so we’re going to lean into it…We look forward to welcoming you to Virtual Black Rock City 2020. We’re not sure how it’s going to come out; it will likely be messy and awkward with mistakes. It will also likely be engaging, connective, and fun.”

Burning Man is just the latest major music festival to be either cancelled or postponed. We are truly living in a different time.. Stay home and stay safe people.