How to manage studies while visiting music festivals


In student years, time is critically not enough. You have to have time to study, earn extra money, fall in love, go on dates and, of course, attend music festivals that give a lot of positive emotions.

So while studying at the institute, the ability to manage your time is almost more important than in adulthood. Not without reason, many people consider the student years the most active and eventful period of their lives. Let’s talk about how to manage your time so that it’s enough for everything, and even left in reserve. A few tricks will help with this.

1. Do Not Put Off Everything Until the Last Moment

We are arranged that way, so we always leave things to the last minute. And we ourselves know perfectly well that if we start in advance, then we will manage to do everything without stress and hassle. It is one thing to teach a ticket a day a month before the exam, and it’s another to try to learn the entire program on the last night. Or you can write a term paper by the page per day, or you can try to do it in one sitting. Motivating yourself to do everything in advance is very difficult. Come up with a reward system for sticking to your schedule.

2. Decompose All Complex Cases into Many Small Tasks

The list should not be abstract things such as “write a thesis.” There should be simple and understandable things that it is desirable to do in less than two minutes: “write a title for the thesis”, “draw up a plan”, “send a plan for confirmation to a professor”, “write the first 5 pages”. How saying goes, it is much easier to eat an elephant, cutting off a small piece from it.

3. Set Priorities

As you know, 80% of the result brings only 20% of the effort. In this case, it is better to do five things by 80% and reach a total of 400%, than to finish one single task by 100%. So you can visit 5 music festivals out of 7, but also do 5 homework out of 7. By the way, music, in principle, positively affects our brain, which you can write about in one of the essays that you need to hand in to the university.

If you don’t have enough time, you can order a research paper on music therapy and subsequently not only get a good grade, but also prove to the professor that you are not just wasting time at music festivals, but conducting music therapy.

4. Find the “Middle Ground”

I advise you not to choose one of the two, but to find a middle ground now and follow it until the end of your life. A hybrid that will include a “partying” and “studying.”

This scheme is necessary for two main reasons:

If you don’t worry about the future and party until 23-25 ​​years old, then you will party till… all your remaining life. Probably, you will end up retched and worthless, because normal entertainment needs money that only an intelligent person can earn. And study after uni does not end but only begins. In our rapidly changing world, you must always catch up with trends … if, of course, you do not want to be left without a job at the age of 30.

But completely immersed in studying and work, hoping to have some fun later, is also by all the means stupid. Let’s face it: no one knows how much time is allotted to him/her. You can die even tomorrow. To die without having fun will be damn insulting.

5. Use your Free Time.

There are things that can and should be combined with others. We are talking about automatic actions that do not require mental stress. Are you taking the bus to a music festival? Why not consider a term paper in parallel. There is a break at the festival? In your free time, listen to an audiobook from the university must list.

Use all the free time you can. Subway rides or breaks between performers can be devoted to educational issues. Someone is late for the stage? Instead of getting angry and looking at your watch, read the lectures.

6. Write Down Everything you Need to Do

If you are mentally prepared for life in the new mode, start writing down plans for the day, week, and month. Do not try to plan too much right away – in any case, it will take you some time to rest, switching from one task to another, and one way or another, you will face external irritants. Be realistic, otherwise, without having mastered your own plan, you may be disappointed and give up this idea. It is important not only to keep your plans in mind but to write them down. I checked many times – the to-do list has a magical effect, and the written plans have much more chances to come true than just conceived ones.

In general, everything is worth recording: plans, tasks, dreams, ideas. When we write something on paper, we stop holding it in our head, making room for other important thoughts. Who knows, maybe we would have written a book if we had not kept in mind the training program at the fitness club.

Summing up

Students know better than others – in a day they manage to do just as much as they planned. During the exam period, they can learn more per day than during the whole semester. So they, in some way, know how to manage time. Just time management allows doing this constantly and without unnecessary stress. In other words, the ability to learn and have fun at the same time is already in you, you only need to develop it. If you follow our recommendations, you can go to music festivals and graduate from university with good grades.