Agoria presents RE:GENERATION DAY II


After the success of the inaugural edition on May 1st, DJ and produer, Agoria is proud to present RE:GENERATION DAY II on October 2nd.

Once again his Sapiens label will unveil five distinctive new EPs on the same day from five exciting new artists who all have their own unique musical styles. Attari, Gauchos De Media Noche, Yacine Dessouki & NDRK, Kate Zubok and Maximilien are all stepping up.

This innovative series is a way for the influential Frenchman Agoria to shine a light on the next generation of talents. Each of them has impressed him with their new music, and between them they cover plenty of essential electronic ground.

Says the man himself, “I am convinced, more than ever, that a loud voice is needed to support artists and future leaders. I most probably became an activist when I had to strive to organise techno and rave parties, which forced me to stand up to the local authorities in order to create the Nuits Sonores Festival in Lyon, France.

In that respect, the idea of Re:Generation Day emerged – a day dedicated to bringing four emerging artists to the front. I am fond of their music, and I hope, so will you be, and that somehow it will regenerate you.

First up is Monkey Parade Records founder Attari, who hails from Brussels and over the last 15 years has become a staple of the scene with releases on Eskimo Recordings, mule musiq and Discotexas. He is also booker and resident at Paradise City festival and is behind the legendary clubs Dirty Dancing and Libertine Supersport in Brussel. His EP opener ‘Pongo Parade‘ is a bubbly piece of summery balearic house music with lush chords and retro-future flavours, and ‘Serpentar‘ is a slow motion workout with wiry electronics, tumbling toms and warm, deep bass.

Gauchos de Media Noche is a mysterious project that describes itself as “the meeting of three modest creoles in search of the epiphany that is revealed behind the clear indulgent shadow. It is also a horse that dreams of being a man under the love of a gentle carob tree.” It is founded by Hernan Corera, a prominent and award wining film director and Rolling Stone photographer who has made high profile commercials for the likes of Coca Cola and won a Latin Grammy for his music video “Gallo Negro” for IKV.

Musically his Vol. 2 EP kicks off with atmospheric ambient and acoustic guitars on ‘Los Negritos‘, takes in dreamy electronica on ‘Sophrosyne Σωφροσύνη‘ and beautiful modern classical piano playing on ‘José Hernandez (Trenes A Catedral)‘. ‘Romancero Gitano‘ is a detailed soundtrack that awakens the soul with its richly layered synths and found sounds while ‘Fontanelle‘ is an edgy and intense melodic affair with crystalline keys and celestial pads all suspending you in mid air. ‘Calle Mayor‘ ends with more pensive and escapist ambient charms that leave you in a state of bliss.

Morocco’s Yacine Dessouki is a regular at places like fabric and Printworks in London and brings his multicultural background into his music as well as organising his own immersive parties Anomalia & Blanche. He has developed his own unique voice in the studio and this debut EP proves that. It finds him linking up with NDRK and their Dancers in the Dark EP kicks off with the epic title track, a mix of organic and synthetic sounds and subtle rhythms that lifts you to the heavens before driving forwards. The deep grooves of ‘Unknown Tomorrow‘ has an enchanting lead that sounds exotic and worldly, ‘Undergo‘ is more deriving and direct with its big kicks but mellifluous synth modulations and ‘Rythmica‘ is masterfully melodic house for the peak of a night. ‘Arrival‘ ends on a sombre, introspective mood and late night grooves.

Kate Zubok is an underground Paris-based DJ and Producer who hails from Ukraine. She is obsessed with cosmic sounds and flying chords and has played all over the world alongside the likes of Bedouin and Black Coffee. She opens up her EP with ‘Inner world‘ featuring soft hang drum sounds and delicate tinkles on a piano, then gets more physical with the elastic beats and complex harmonies and melodies of her hypnotic ‘Bubble Gum.’ Last of all, ‘Is It Worth It?’/’СТОИТ ЛИ?‘ explores distorted synth sounds and eerie vocal loops that are utterly spell binding as they unfold on a heady, airy groove.

The final release comes from Frenchman, Maximilien. After spending 15 years in music school, devoting himself to modern hits with artists such as Justice, Daft Punk, Sebastian and Weval, he now fuses electro, pop, ambient and classical in his own ways. This diversity allows for an impactful message with epic vibrations, and a special focus on harmonic richness. His ‘Ravï‘ single is riddled with Indian sounding melodic leads, smeared synths and deep cut, inviting kick drums that invite you in and take you on a real journey to another part of the world.

This is another great celebration of new music from new talents who are the future of electronic music, and have been carefully unearthed and nurtured by the enduring electronic talent that is Frenchman Agoria.

Listen to the snippets below.