Anna Tur announces the most special live streaming of her career

Anna Tur

Anna Tur’s creativity keeps opening new horizons. She announced “On Air with Anna Tur”, her new radio adventure, a few months ago and now the DJ and producer announces the celebration of the most special live streaming of her career.

The chosen location is Ibiza. But not the most well-known and commercial Ibiza, but the Ibiza she carries in her blood, the Ibiza she is passionately in love with.

On Sunday 22nd, November, Anna Tur will be heading to Sant Llorenç, the island’s highest mountain, because that is where Ibiza‘s broadcasting center is located. To explain both the importance of this place and the streaming, there’s no one better than Anna Tur herself:

It’s difficult to express my feelings when all you can probably see and imagine is a load of iron, frequencies and radiation. Behind this cold yet mind blowing place, is where my beginnings in radio can be felt. Not only my experience, but a family story.

This place that I perceive as sacred, is the temple of my journey, of my beginnings, of repeatedly going as a little girl with my father to turn the power back on when we had broadcasting issues. There was no working remotely, no alarms… I saw him drive up at any time of day or night to turn on his radio, the radio that never stopped playing. A place that scared me not only because of its impressive structure, but because I knew that when there was a storm or lightning, I interpreted that life was at stake, there could even be a hurricane, but his stubbornness always made its success, the radio could not be stopped.

In the last few years, I have been here many of times. For technical issues and sometimes alone to meditate and feel memories, because here I still have my place, where I can come to listen to the sound of filters, exciters, transmitters or the murmur of electrical tension… sounds that have always made me have so many feelings.

I am a radio woman, because it runs through my veins. That is why today, in this very special place where it all began, I want to dedicate this set to all of you who have been part of my journey and to those who are with me now and hopefully in the future. But above all, I want to pay a tribute to you, after 2 years that you have gone. My angel… Juan Tur.

Welcome to this musical and emotive experience, from the highest mountain in Ibiza.

More than 40 channels will be in charge of broadcasting this event, including Amnesia Ibiza, Egg London and Dreambeach Festival. On top of that, important international media such as Mixmag will support the broadcast. For more information visit the link.