Purple Haze & FaderX deliver driving creation ’The Kings Court’

Sander van Doorn

With a discography spanning over two decades, stalwart producer Sander van Doorn has the ability to keep his fans on their toes, leading them to new regions of the dance music sphere with every release. For his latest creation, he teams up with trio FaderX for a club-ready masterpiece, ‘The Kings Court’ – out now via DOORN Records.

Taking listeners on a sonic journey from the very first beat, ‘The Kings Court‘ is a sure-fire dance anthem that will have people all around the world longing to be back on their favourite dancefloors. Employing trance elements, laced with a growling bassline, this hybrid creation perfectly blends the artists’ sounds in a driving, larger-than-life production.

Looking back on a very different year, Sander van Doorn has taken change in his stride, determined to provide his fans and dance music lovers with a constant stream of new music and mixes. His previous release ‘Temper Temper‘ featuring Scottish vocalist ONR was a hopeful and touching creation, which struck a chord with fans missing live events around the globe.

Playing a selection of livestreams, Sander van Doorn continues to keep his mixing skills on point, patiently waiting to reconnect with people behind the decks when the time is right.

Listen to the track below.