Envision Festival announces return to Costa Rica in 2022 with official trailer

Envision Festival

As we all daydream of mystical beaches, magical experiences, and those metamorphic dance floor moments, the Envision team is on a mission; to make the 2022 return of their carefully crafted festival more permanent and impactful than ever before.

Their Official 2022 Trailer​ has been doing the rounds and gives an incredible insight for what to expect. Ultimately, it features mind-blowing footage from the widely hailed 10-Year Anniversary event, one of the last festivals to take place in 2020, this video is an astonishing invitation to join the 11th edition of the experience, and it’s spectacular craftsmanship will leave viewers envisioning a new future.

Envision 2022 ​Tier 1 tickets ​are officially available in the new year, ​and you’re invited to join the journey ahead, which will culminate on​ February 21st – 28th, 2022 ​at Rancho la Merced​ in Uvita, Costa Rica.

​Envision is a community. We started as a dream, grew into a festival and have now ever-evolved into a thriving and holistic ecosystem. As many of our creative industries face unknown challenges and an uphill climb, we have something so much bigger to share. We are a beacon of light into a new way of living that empowers individuals, connects change makers and truly builds intentional communities that can be self sufficient.“​ – ​Josh Wendel​, Envision Co-Founder

As one of the very few festivals to host a successful event in 2020, Envision does not take this privilege lightly. Envision sees it has a higher purpose, a wider reach, and a greater role to play in the global shift the world is experiencing. ​The energy, diligence and gratitude that is usually poured into their​ aftermovie recap was redirected and became the ​Official 2022 Trailer,​ leveraging rare 2020 festival content to harness the message of their vital work that will ring true and provide inspiration to a much wider-scale audience.

Watch the official Envision Festival 2022 trailer below.