Junior Jack & Pat BDS deliver a cinematically futuristic video for ‘Tecky Dream’

Junior Jack

Superstar DJ and producers Junior Jack & Pat BDS deliver a cinematically futuristic, heroic music video for their melodic house heater ‘Tecky Dream’. Directed by Mike Anderson and Ryan Dickie, they create an analogue of the last year using video game engines and motion caption.

Released in 2020 on Junior Jack & Pat BDS‘ own Adesso Music imprint, ‘Tecky Dream‘ instigates tension and rising energy by integrating slow building synths and elevating bass tones. The track has a rich, cinematic feel, driving intensity which is captured in the video set to be released today.

Following a narrative of a hero in a relentless, escalating chase scene the video corresponds with the times we find ourselves in; charging forward, trying to stay alive and well, with ever-changing threats nipping at our heels.

Junior Jack & Pat BDS ‘Tecky Dream’

The hero has a past, and the story has an ending, but for these four minutes, the intensity of the sequence is all that matters. The video is dream-like, with unanswered questions and mysteries locked inside the narrative.Mike Anderson & Ryan Dickie

Inspired by cut scenes and trailers for AAA video games, Junior Jack & Pat BDS bring us a futuristic animated apocalyptic video for ‘Tecky Dream‘ filled with ceaseless energy.

Combining a video game development pipeline with a cinematic track, we built a project that pushed the boundaries of our practice. We’ve been collaborating on different projects for ten years, and we’re always searching for ways to reinvent our approach, always trying to find something new. For us, ‘Tecky Dream’ opened up a high-energy, collaborative approach to storytelling that was a perfect fit for the project.Mike Anderson & Ryan Dickie

Watch the official video below.