Sander van Doorn has teamed up with Blondfire on stunning new single ‘Golden’

Sander van Doorn

Dutch Dj and producer Sander van Doorn has teamed up with American indie/pop band Blondfire on stunning new single ‘Golden’ – out now via Spinnin’ Records.

Yet another shining example of the dazzling productions fans have come to expect from the Doorn Records headhoncho, ‘Golden‘ is an enthralling trance meets indie production. Kicking off with plucky synths and a hypnotic beat, Sander deftly weaves Erica‘s ethereal vocals, building momentum as he layers the intoxicating lyrics against a trance infused soundscape, that will give leave listeners on a natural high. Born to be blasted from your speakers, ‘Golden‘ is a sublime piece that effortlessly captures that much-longed for festival euphoria.

Heading into 2021 continuing the dazzling array of quality output that has seen him earn his position as one of dance music’s authorities, Sander‘s latest offering signals the perfect start to what will hopefully be a much more promising year ahead.

Having made 2020 his own, with a host of releases under both his Sander van Doorn and Purple Haze monikers, as well playing a number of pivotal livestreams throughout the year, Sander is looking to continue his run of success as a revered producer into the new year.

Spearheaded by Erica Driscoll, LA-based indie pop band Blondfire has been responsible for a catalogue of sumptuous singles. The band’s alternative rock inspired sound manages to convey the right note between sad yet uplifting with every production.

Having already dipped their toes into the dance music realm, having previously collaborated with the likes of Avicii and Arty, Erica‘s dreamy vocals perfectly complement Sander‘s sound, providing the perfect feature on ‘Golden.’

Listen to the track below.