MK has dropped a remix of his latest single ‘Chemical’+ 2 behind-the-scenes videos


Global dance music icon MK has dropped a remix of his latest single ‘Chemical’. Characterised by poignant piano chords and fluttering synths, the new remix of ‘Chemical’ sees MK deliver a surefire summer banger, losing none of the explosive energy that makes the original special.

Alongside this, MK has also dropped two engrossing behind-the-scenes visuals that give fans a deeper insight into how the acclaimed official video for ‘Chemical‘ was made. The video largely centres around the captivating process behind the creation of the state-of-the-art animatronic dog’s head which characterized the official video.

The production team behind the impressive video have said, “It took approximately 7 weeks to give life to D (the dog). The reflex could have been to go for the humanization of the dog…but dogs don’t need that at all to show emotions that we recognize as humans and that it would be much more powerful to go for the dog instead of the human.

Though D was an anthropomorphic character, I absolutely needed to get the most of the dog possible with a very realistic result….there was really this absolute need to avoid anything too cartoonistic/creaturish.”

One of the defining dance tracks from summer 2021 is given a fresh rework by MK himself.

Watch the BTS HERE

Watch the making of the animatronics HERE

Stream the MK Remix HERE