HYTE move their NYE event to NYC with Sven Vath, Marcel Dettmann & Len Faki

Just as HYTE needed to cancel all of its events in Europe, a new door opened across the Atlantic. Over two consecutive days, HYTE and renowned New Yorker promoter Teksupport will open the infamous 99 Scott doors for an intimate end-of-year-rave.

On December 30th none other than German Techno Papa Sven Väth will grace these big halls with his unique style. On the final night of the year, Berghain legends Marcel Dettmann and Len Faki will take over the booth to lead us into 2022.

After the overwhelming announcement regarding the cancellation of all events in Germany, HYTE is thrilled to reveal a light at the end of this year: HYTE and Teksupport connect to bring you an unprecedented New Year’s Eve experience. A synthesis of two brands with a long-standing history, both acclaimed for their distinctive productions, blending into a whole new music experience at the heart of New York City. And both trademarks are no strangers to the Big Apple.

In 2016 a yearning for warehouse raves gave rise to Teksupport, a mysterious brand that seemed to emerge unannounced from obscurity, bringing with it a mammoth agenda that New Yorkers were greedy for. Since then it has become synonymous with elite club culture at record speed and has single-handedly brought the spirit of the European underground to the city that never sleeps.

Today, Teksupport has become the top dog of the NYC underground, known for fitting ridiculously-scaled production into secluded, desolate warehouses and bringing the biggest names in dance music to New York.

Speaking of warehouses: Discreetly tucked between the intersection of East Williamsburg and Bushwick, 99 Scott, a former historic warehouse-turned-industrial event space (named for its address), will host the final bash of the year with a premiere of this exciting partnership between the US and EU promoter.

Boasting 20-foot-high ceilings with windows to match, 99 Scott is a blank slate ready to be transformed into a techno playground that instantly evokes the familiar HYTE and Teksupport warehouse vibes. Due to the circumstances, the capacity is limited, making this a very special and intimate event where you can experience New Year’s Eve on a whole new level.

Who else could be better in full control of a night than the techno Godfather himself Sven Väth? This man is quite simply unique. A legend in his own right with a commitment and passion that has influenced the evolution of modern electronic music, that has launched a new wave of clubs, record labels and careers Sven Väth is a risk-taking visionary, an instigator, an innovator and very possibly invincible. To understand this legend, you have to really check him out behind the decks, to fully understand his capabilities, with December 30th being the last chance this year to do so.

Speaking of the final dance in 2021, it goes without saying, what it means to have a DJ combination that includes the likes of Marcel Dettmann and Len Faki, which rolls out on New Year’s Eve. As well-known Berghain legends and as two of the most style-defining protagonists of recent techno history, you can be sure that these icons will provide a special last night.