Le Youth links up with Anakim and Linney for ‘Lullaby’

It’s been a little over a year since Le Youth last landed on Armada Music with his trademark sound, but the time has come for the American producer to deliver his long-anticipated third single to the Amsterdam-, New York- and London-based record label. Made in tandem with Anakim and L.A.-based singer-songwriter Linney, ‘Lullaby’ is such a welcoming song it instantly proves the perfect record to dream to.

Released on Armada Electronic Elements, ‘Lullaby‘ is by far the most soothing cut of recent times. Graced with a super-melodious composition and soul-seeking vocals that touch upon longing hearts, this record will inspire and hearten listeners in the blink of an eye.

“I love being a solo artist, but the more I’ve grown as a musician and music producer, the more I’ve learned how advantageous collaborating with other talented people can be”, Le Youth says. “Linney being such a talented writer and vocalist and Anakim always pushing boundaries with his productions really created the ideal collaboration for me.”

Due to the effects of Covid, social distancing and the quarantine our world went through, I know a lot of people were having a rough time coping”, Anakim explains. “Many people still are. I wanted to create a special track that would uplift the spirits of anyone who listened to it. I wanted to create something that would transport an individual out of this world and into something more magical. Between Linney, Le Youth and myself, I think we did just that. This is a record I’m really proud of.

We were inspired by the simplicity of an afternoon in the park”, Linney adds. “The idea of taking a moment to slow down and enjoy the present. Laying in the lush green grass under the shade of a sycamore tree. The shadows of the leaves painting sunlit stars that dance across your skin. The feeling of being so immersed in the moment, that you feel as though you’re floating. Lost in a ‘Lullaby’.”

Listen to the track below.