Meet Owltrax, a Los Angeles native Dubstep producer who is quickly making a name for himself

The genre of Dubstep music is growing more and more by the day. New producers and artists are discovering new sounds and new ways to create music in this world of electronic waves. With many talented artists around the entire world one producer we highly recommend you check out and keep close tabs on its Owltrax .

Owltrax is a Los Angeles native Dubstep producer who is quickly making a name for himself. In 2020 he won the “Insomniac Discovery Project” one of the most well known platforms for emerging EDM artists. Getting on the road since the start of the pandemic has been different and difficult for some artists and created friction on the path to be discovered. Not for Owltrax.

In 2020 alone he performed in the EDC Rave-A-Thon on YouTube. He was also featured on iHeartRadio and Teezy Radio before doing over 20 local shows in Los Angeles California. He then hit the road and went from the bay in San Francisco through Los Angeles and Vegas to Orlando, Florida.

A lot of creators get so tied into the creation portion of their music that they forget how important it is to be in front of other people. How important it is to network and make your name and face known on a personal level not just a creative front. Not Owltrax though. This is his strength. He understands the business side to this game as well. A lot of artists need a whole team for that portion but he handles a lot of this stuff first hand.

With a growing online presence and new music dropping this summer we anticipate him to be a household name before you know it. Don’t ever tell yourself you don’t have time or you’re too busy. Why? I forgot to mention that this kid is also an electromechanical engineer graduate from Cal Poly. Talk about performing on all levels and operating with persistence through multiple things at once.

Make sure you follow him on all social media platforms and stay close to his website for the most detailed updates .