ZEHV introduces his latest EP ‘Ōkami’

Promising DJ and music producer ZEHV introduces his latest EP ‘Ōkami’ via ‘Mood of Mind’. The talented DJ is ready to showcase his skills and take his music to new heights and dancefloors all over the world.

Following previous releases that have reached the Beatport Top 10 chart and garnered recognition from high-profile names in the industry like Guy J, Fehrplay, and Cristoph, and also have given ZEHV the opportunity to play alongside household names like Jeremy Olander and Andrew Bayer at iconic venues like Avant Gardner, Bogart House, and Quantum, ZEHV is ready to amaze his audience with this new production.

The two track EP showcases his characteristic style, while the groove and contagious melodies get the party started.

The title track Ōkami opens up with an industrial sounding beat, along with textural pads, the steady beat makes this track an instant hit. The energetic bassline, with a hard-hitting lower end keeps the vibes up, while intense risers meet with sonic glitches and a playful chop of a vocal sample adds more dynamic; soon the track comes to a halt, while pads stay on giving more tension, the growling bassline maintains the vibe and the beat persists, as the party feel continues, ZEHV plays with the filters and adds tension and texture, only to drop the song time and time again to a powerful release. This track provides a perfect club experience.

On the other hand, the second track ‘It’s So Simple’ shows exactly the opposite of what the title conveys; a powerful beat, with sonic elements that glitch and add texture to the track taking its listeners onto a powerful Tech-influenced journey, where ZEHV’s skills and style are evident. While an underlying pad raises the intensity of the song and maintains the vibe, a bouncy bassline makes it groove; the drops meet layers of synths and pads that wiggle around and keep the party going.

With this EP, ZEHV not only shows off his sound and talent, but also shows why his name is highly regarded as one not to miss. Be sure to follow ZEHV as he continues to deliver powerful tracks that keep the party going.

Ōkami is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

Listen to the track below.